Three Things to Consider Before Buying a Camera Drone

  • Camera drones are quite entertaining and trendy nowadays
  • Camera drones vary in price and functions
  • The price, features, and purpose of the drone should match

Drone cameras can be quite intriguing and entertaining, but they can also be quite pricy. Even the experts in photography and videography would agree that if you want a good camera drone, you’d need to do some research and prepare your wallet.


The best drones in the market are often the ones with the heftiest price tags. If you want a drone that can fly to great heights and still manage to take a quality and stabilized video, well most popular drones that give such quality can be found with $800 or more price tag.

But what makes a drone camera best buy? Well, aside from price, we’d have to look into the functions as well. Can that camera you’re eyeing on take quality videos despite the windy environment? Can it take photos in mid-air? Can it follow a subject? Can it go underwater?

The functions stated above are just a few of the features that modern drone camera models can do. And if your camera drone can do them, then that could be an indication that you’ve purchased the right drone.

Aside from that, the reason for purchase should also be considered. Do you want the drone to take photos mid-air or do you need it to take high definition videos? The purpose of the device will also determine what type of functions you need in a model. If you bought a drone at an affordable price, and with sophisticated advanced features, then congratulations! It’s drone camera best buy.

Overall, one of the biggest determinant whether it’s a drone camera best buy if your needs, and the camera drone’s functions and price meet at a single point. These three factors will determine whether you’ll actually enjoy your drone or end up with regret, so before you click that buy button, it would be wise to assess everything beforehand.


Reading the Best Presets Reviews for the Year

  • Reviews to check out for the year (Lightroom)
  • Using the appropriate tools for your photography, courtesy of the tips and suggestions of these reviews
  • Learning from the experts in the field of photography

The year is about to close, but you haven’t read this Lightroom presets review of 2016. This might sound imperative to you, but it is important that you get to read this review before the year ends.


Lightroom offers the complete package, as always. And you can get the best of what Lightroom has to offer with these Lightroom presets review of 2016.

In it, you’ll be able to read works from seasoned photographers, or from top-notch designers on how to use Lightroom products for the enhancement of your photos. Plus, they give you an exclusive look also of the latest gadgets that you need to use in the event of enhancing these photos.

These Lightroom presets review of 2016 has it all. But the thing about this review is its take on the direction of photography in general and why reading these reviews from Lightroom makes sense when it comes to proper editing and enhancement.

This is, by far, the biggest asset of Lightroom. They have reviews that bring development not only to your photos, but to you as a photographer. The habit of reading these reviews will definitely improve your work, not just a practitioner in the field of photography, but as an artist, who is capable of perking up the imagination of your viewers.

So this Lightroom presets review of 2016 should be your Holy Grail for the rest of the year. Read and use some of the tips that you can get from this comprehensive review about anything photo editing from the perspective of these Lightroom experts. Now, that is treating your photography something special.

Portraits and Selfies with Lightroom Presets

  • Lightroom presets perfect for your portraits
  • Creating beautiful portraits with some help from these Lightroom presets
  • A list of presets for your portraits on the web

The selfie generation is changing portrait photography in a big way. That’s why these portrait lightroom presets are here to stay because they are offering something new to photo enthusiasts who dig portraits the most.


These portrait lightroom presets, in fact, help revolutionize the “selfie” phenomenon, because it is capable of enhancing these images from a mere ordinary pic into a masterpiece. What an advance, really, if you can have these portrait lightroom presets around, this allows you to make your portraits more lively and vibrant.

Who says portraits are a boring genre in photography? With the right tools, however, such as these portrait lightroom presets, you can actually achieve some success with portraits if you know what presets to use and how to use them effectively.

For instance, portrait lightroom presets are perfect for the newlyweds. The groom and the bride can flash their smiles with gusto as long as they have these portrait lightroom presets with them. Immediately after taking that photo, you can start enhancing it with some help from these presets, enhancing that portrait in a way that puts a smile on the viewer.

So be a part of this new selfie generation that uses these tools, portrait lightroom presets. This is the new wave that is garnering a lot of buzz from portrait lovers. Get this type of presets right now, so you won’t be able to post portraits that are trite, boring and unimaginative, in the first place. Go for something special, which gives you a lot of editing options.

And you would notice eventually that your “selfie” is way more sophisticated and artsy compared to your online contemporaries.

For the Love of These Landscape Workflow Reviews

  • The benefits of reading landscape workflow reviews
  • Knowing how other photographers edit their works through these reviews
  • Enhancing landscape scenes with an edge after extracting something from these reviews

I have been in the photography business for years. To some extent, I know what is good photography and what is not.


When I started out as a wide-eye photographer in my younger years, me and some of my colleagues always take turns inside a dark room for us to develop our photos. Today, though, all we need to do is download an app for us to develop and enhance our photos.

So much has changed since the invention of photography. You can now read works of other photographers, too, through these reviews. And since I dig landscape photography the most, I love reading landscape workflow reviews a lot.

I get renewed every time I read these reviews. I learned so many things that I haven’t learned from my photography mentors. So if you want to know more about landscapes and all that, you need to read reviews like me from now on, because I love reading landscape workflow reviews here.

Photography changed my life. I wouldn’t be able to appreciate the beauty of nature without it. I have chosen landscapes because it gives people some form of relaxation, especially when you have a beautiful scene in your photo. And that’s some trick I learned from reading these reviews. I love reading landscape workflow reviews here.

It pays to read reviews. It equips you, it makes you a complete landscape photographer in the process. That’s why I love reading landscape workflow reviews here because it allows me to experiment with my scenes without altering its natural beauty.

There’s value when you get to read these reviews. And for a veteran photographer like me, I consider it a plus the moment I edit my landscapes.

Lightroom Brushes Tips


  • Lightroom introduction
  • Tips for using Lightroom brushes
  • Why use presets and brushes

Lightroom is considered by both beginner and professional photographers as the most useful program for doing photo post processing. This is because Lightroom offers a huge array of very useful tools and features that a photographer can use to enhance, improve or make a photo more lively. The problem is, not all photographers are taking advantage of it. Either they don’t know how to or have no idea of what Lightroom is capable of. In any case, here are a few tips you can follow in order to utilize lightroom preset brushes free of charge.


  • The shortcut key for getting to the brush tool is the letter K. When you are in any of the modules of Lightroom, pressing letter K will automatically open the dialog box for the brush tool.
  • The scroll wheel on your mouse can change the size of the brush and so does the left and right bracket keys of the keyboard.
  • You can set two presets in the brush tool. You can assign A and B presets with the hard and the soft type presets. Most professionals use this method.
  • The shortcut for the erase tool is holding down the Alt key for windows based computers and the Option key for Mac computers.
  • Auto-Max is your best friend. It keeps the brush from spilling into undesired areas of the photo. This is often used in retouching skies or faces.

So there you have it! These are just some of the many tips for using brushes. If you want other types of brushes for different needs, you can download lightroom preset brushes free of charge from These brushes and presets will make your editing process a whole lot smoother and easier. So go find one now and take advantage of the power of Adobe Lightroom.

How to Use Action Camera?


  • Capturing extreme sports and action events is all about speed and timing.
  • Extreme sports and action photography is one of the most challenging yet thrilling form of photography.
  • How to Use Action Camera? 

Capturing extreme sports and action events is all about speed and timing. In this article, we will talk about how to set up action camera to capture well-detailed images that are full of drama and excitement.


Extreme sports and action photography is one of the most challenging yet thrilling form of photography. They ultimate key of capturing the best images is to set up your action camera properly. So when you’re in action, you’ll not miss the most exciting part of the event.

As what I’ve read in John’s blog, the secret to action photography is to balance the settings. So, the following action camera basic settings that we are about to discuss are very simple to setup. Most of these camera settings work well in all types and forms of photography.

Adjust Shutter Speed

Adjusting the shutter speed is very important when capturing sports and action photography. If your setting is not set properly, you’ll get the most blurry shots ever and even post processing software can’t help you fix that.

Aperture Adjustments

This is also connected with shutter speed setting. By opening the aperture, it will help you capture motion or moving objects without blurring it.

Increasing ISO levels

Because sports and action photography is about speed, and your shutter speed and aperture are all set to a high point, you also need to increase the levels of your ISO to avoid any unusual blurring and/or spots on images.

However, there are still times when you need to lower the ISO level. It depends on how fast the subjects are. You always have to keep in mind that it is better to have an image with noise than capture a blurry subject.

Overall, action photography can be easy, yet sometimes tricky. But these camera settings discussed above will help you capture amazing shots without blurring it. Learning how to have the right camera set up would take a lot of time, but if you really want to be a good action photographer, then you have no choice but to create your own strategy and ideas.

Your Lightroom Wedding Moment

  • Downloadable presets that offers a variety of effects for your wedding pics
  • Wedding photos enhanced via free Lightroom presets
  • Editing photos that saves you time and resources via Lightroom presets

There is no excuse anymore when it comes to editing your wedding pics. Lightroom is already providing everyone a chance to enhance their wedding photos the way they wanted it to be. Lightroom wedding presets free download is now up for grabs online.

The only thing you need to do now, especially when preparing for your wedding day, is to look good, and that Lightroom will take care of the rest. For facility even, this Lightroom wedding presets free download should be done before saying your “I do”, so by the time the last picture is taken, their enhancement is already in the books.


What a way to make your wedding day special! How much more if you decide to collect these wedding pics in an album? That would have been quite a collection.

The thing is, they are free online, that alone makes way for a more satisfying wedding experience because you get to enhance the images of your most important day without dropping any penny. Not only it saves you time, it saves you enough resources as well.

These Lightroom wedding presets free download have the same effect as those paid presets you can get on the web, the same features and the same quality of photos afterwards.

Lightroom is making your wedding day worth remembering. It is even making you look better by accentuating the color and luminosity of your photos. It is the ultimate tool for any wedding event.

So download this app now and find that appropriate preset for your wedding images. Make those memories last out of the features that these Lightroom wedding presets free download can give to your photos. Gather them in an album and share it to your loved ones, and in that way you’re not only making them smile, but also making their time spent with your photos worth the while.

Winter Season in Lightroom

  • This article will help you produce a good and stunning image
  • Winter season is the most beautiful time of the year for both amateur and professional photographers
  • This article will give you some tips on how to create a snow in Lightroom themed presets

Winter season is the most beautiful time of the year for both amateur and professional photographers since they can test their skills and creativity in taking great images in a snowy and cold weather. Whether you have a simple digital camera or advanced DSLR camera, if you really want to have a good and stunning image, this article will help you out.


We will give you some tips on how to create a snow in Lightroom themed presets that will transform your dull image into one snowy photograph. We will also give you suggestions on where to get the best snow in Lightroom presets online.

Personally, I’ve created several free snow Lightroom presets and I can say that it was really perfect for my images. To help you out, here’s a tip on how to install and use downloaded snow in Lightroom presets.

Note: You can download snow in Lightroom presets either in Sleeklens or DeviantArt.

Once you’ve downloaded the preset, all you have to do is to follow these simple steps:

  • Open Adobe Lightroom
  • Choose Edit, then click preferences or File then preferences
  • In the new pop up window, click on the presets tab
  • Next is to click the button with the downloaded presets in it.
  • In the new window, double click the Lightroom folder to open the file
  • Click on the Develop presets button
  • Copy the snow in Lightroom presets into Lightroom’s develop presets folder.
  • Close the program and open again.

The snow in Lightroom preset will now appear in the user presets area. You may also arrange the presets according to your subject, effects and styles.

So that ends my quick Lightroom tutorial, I do hope you’d use these steps to install and use your presets for your images.

Cool Presets for Your Lightroom 5

Lightroom has been with us for quite some time now. It has become a joy to photo enthusiasts to be able to have its presets and brushes on their PCs. This app is making photo enhancing the easiest part of photography. And you can download it free or buy its huge collection of presets.

LR6Take, for instance, this barrage of free presets for Lightroom 5. These presets cover the whole nine yard of enhancement as far as pictures go.

If you find this black and white thing a joy to look at when it comes to pictures, then it “Black and White Workflow” will lay down all its foundation for you to have that neutral effect on your photo.

If you are into movies, then there’s a preset perfect for you. It’s “Fine Art Film” preset allows you to experiment the texture of your photo image resembling like that of film photography, adding character to your photo image.

You can also create a painting feel for your photos with its pastel collection. You can experiment a number of brushes too for you to deal with the details of your photo to make it more like a real painting.

Presets for Lightroom are similar to Photoshop actions, however, Lightroom presets are more simple and easy to use than actions. You can check more presets for Lightroom in Pinterest.

All of these presets for your Lightroom 5. Download the said app and experience for yourself, the wonder of having these presets for your photos. Lightroom, in fact, is the secret behind every cool and clear picture you see online. And you can have that kind of picture, too.

Lightroom 6 New Features

A few months ago, users were very happy and thrilled because at last, the latest release of Lightroom is finally out. They were really excited about the new features and services offered by Adobe Lightroom 6. In this article, we will be talking about some of the newest features added to the program.

Face Recognition

Photographers have been urging the company to include facial recognition in their next upgrade. Fortunately, there request has been granted. The feature is included in Lightroom 6. The program can now easily detect faces in the images which allows photographers to tag people easily.

LR45Improved Radial, Gradient and Brush Tools

Another great addition to Lightroom 6 are its newly improved brush tools and filters. Photographers can now freely adjust the size of the brush. Modifying images will never be as hard as the previous versions of Lightroom. All they have to do is to fit the brush on their images.

Radial and graduated tools in Lightroom 6 have more advanced colored overlays. Photographers can automatically notice the changes they apply to the image which makes it easier for them to remove or add more effect.

Users have been waiting for this version for so long. They wanted to use something new to help them speed up their editing process. There’s no doubt that users will continue to patronize this version as it contains a lot of exciting features and services.

Creating Panorama Effect in Lightroom 6

Panorama images are very lovely. That’s the reason why Adobe decided to include this feature in the latest version of Lightroom to help its users to create more wonderful Panorama images. Lightroom 6 presets can also be used while creating panoramas.

Overall, these  three features are just some of the greatest additions to Lightroom 6. Read more helpful articles if you to know more about the latest version such as Lightroom 6 preset, Lightroom web, and etc.,


Adobe Photoshop Versus Lightroom: Which One To Choose?

As a photographer by profession, I am aware that to produce a high-quality and brilliant images, I need to have a lot of skills and use it with my images properly. I am aware that I need to be a skillful artist when modifying images and dealing with the camera settings. However, in order for me to produce such images, I need to have the best image processing tool that will help me with my workload.

LR3Adobe Photoshop versus Lightroom

One of the most important things to consider when dealing with images is to have the best image processing tool. Images that come out straight from the camera are basically raw and unedited. It needs to be modified from either Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom, depends on your choice. These two programs from Adobe have the same purpose and it is to help us and other photographers with our images.

Although these two have the same goals, it offers different features and services. Over the years, we are used to modify our images in the interface of Adobe Photoshop. It helped us edit images thoroughly since Photoshop is about editing images manually. However, as the demand of having good quality images increases, we also need to have another program that can help us finish the tasks on time. Fortunately, Adobe system decided to release a new program that is intended to help us quicken the editing process. In 2007, the company released the beta version of Lightroom, a non-destructive photo editing tool which is capable of doing a lot of things such as creating presets, managing and organizing images in one collection, creating customized slideshows and more. This program has become extremely popular in the industry until today. For more information about Lightroom and presets, visit sleeklens and learn how one can install presets in lightroom.

As to the question about which program is the best, I cannot clearly answer that, because at the end of the day, we need to use both programs in our editing process. Manual editing is needed for some images that has a lot of variation. Moreover, even with Adobe’s creative cloud plan, Lightroom and Photoshop are being offered in one plan so you can get to enjoy their editing features.

Facial Recognition in Lightroom 6

Facial Recognition in Lightroom 6

One of the reasons why a lot of photographers decide to work on Adobe Lightroom as compared to Photoshop is due to its organization. Categorizing, sorting and working with different classes of photographs in Lightroom is pretty easy. Adobe Lightroom introduced a new feature in Lightroom 6 that is so far a game-changer. Facial recognition is a feature that lots of photographers have been craving for a long time and it is now here.


You can now sort and identify images of different people in your sports camera photographs. This is a magnificent improvement on your workflow and will help cut down on time it takes to sort photographs. If you are a paid photographer who does lots of wedding shots or family reunion shots, then you can see this feature being of tremendous help to you.

If you also work with photobooks or on projects that need you to separate photos of individuals, this is a dream come true for you. See Adobe Lightroom Facial Recognition in action in the video below.

A note before upgrading to Lightroom 6 and CC

It is important to ensue that you backup your catalogue, edits and Lightroom Presets. Although the majority of people who have upgraded to Lightroom 6 have not had any issues with data being lost, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Lightroom 6 Review: Is It Worth The Wait?

pic3Adobe system is known to provide great photo enhancement tools and other useful programs including lightroom, a non-destructive tool which helps photographers in all levels with their editing process. Adobe released a lot of versions of lightroom and every launching comes with a new and exciting features.  Two months ago, adobe system released the latest version of the program, the lightroom 6. It includes a lot of new editing tools and more.

In this review, we will try to figure out if the latest version of lightroom is really worth the wait.

Is it worth the wait?

Even if the latest upgrade is worthwhile, it will still depends upon your standards. Basically in lightroom 6, there are no major changes in terms of its looks and interface, everything is the same. Adobe didn’t removed any of the features, instead they added new settings and features such as default lightroom presets, basic adjustment tools, control panel settings and more. So if you think lightroom 5 is better, the new version of lightroom will make you happier and complete since it can make your photos and creative resume templates look good as before.

Lightroom 6 Upgrade

With the latest version of lightroom, you can definitely enjoy new and exciting tools such as panorama settings, HDR and radial tools, tick boxes, lightroom presets, and basic adjustment tools. Lightroom is still a non-destructive program which preserves the original setting of the image, so you don’t have to worry about it.


Generally, adobe did a very good job in releasing the newly improved lightroom 6. With its ability to convert images into HDR and panorama, everything is worth the wait. Lightroom will always be one of the best photo enhancement tool created. Their features and services make them an exceptional program.


Top Benefits of Adobe Lightroom

LR42Lightroom by adobe system is considered to be one of the most famous and easy-to-use photo editing tool in the market today. It has the ability to create and modify wonderful images efficiently. In addition, it can provide suitable guidance to both novice and professional photographers. Lightroom has the capacity to edit thousands of images in just a few clicks. Anyone can use the program, whether you are skilled or not about styling and designing, lightroom is for you.

In this article, we will talk about some of the best benefits of using lightroom.

User friendly photo editing program

Lightroom is compatible in all smartphones, gadgets and other mobile devices.  Clearly, lightroom runs perfectly well on both laptops and desktop. But unlike adobe photoshop, lightroom can be used well in laptops. Moreover, lightroom contains a lot of features that can beautify images.

Outstanding Photo Organization

Adobe lightroom allows you to copy original images while in the process of importing. With lightroom, you don’t have to worry about losing or misplacing your images since the program will help you organize all of the stored images. With lightroom, you can create a folder or collection to store images.

Ability to convert JPEG and RAW files

Unlike other photo editing program, lightroom can work well with RAW and JPEG files. They have proved that their conversion management is improving. Though their method in processing RAW files is similar with camera RAW, lightroom converts faster. When converting files in lightroom, images are automatically saved in another external catalog files. Moreover, if you want to redo changes, you just have to click the undo button.

Ability to work comfortably

Ideally, lightroom was created to help professional photographers with their workload. But, after some time, even novices can use the program as it is more convenient than photoshop. One of the nicest things about lightroom is that you can differentiate changes with the use of their preview style in which you can see both raw and edited images side by side. This feature will help you decide what styles to add and remove. Moreover, this program allows you to copy and paste files easily without compromising other options.

Slideshow Options

Slideshow display is very common to other program. But with lightroom, you can customize the presentation of the display depending on your style. You can encode texts, watermarks, music, and other significant data in the show.

Flexibility of Lightroom Presets

A lot of advantageous adjustments can be done in lightroom especially in creating presets. It can be used and applied to thousands of images in just a few clicks. Moreover, created presets are modifiable and reusable when needed. In addition to the wonderful features of presets, you can also make a pre-designed layout for future projects.

All the things we discussed above are just some of the many benefits of lightroom. There were still a lot of things that were not mentioned such as exporting, importing, using of new tools, and other more exciting options. Lightroom is cheaper on selected areas, so if you want to know more about it, check out LR Brasils guide on free presets.


Installing Lightroom Vintage Presets

aug7Just imagine the perfect, dusty, sweetly tinted and old aged Lightroom presets, turn your images into soft, and romantic works of art. Swiftly find the lightroom presets vintage feel you need to transform your pictures.  Perfect Black and Whites and even a grain preset to give your images a “filmy” look.  With lightroom presets vintage, you can easily give your photos a vintage look.

Combine today’s photography techniques with the looks from the past. Take your images on a journey back in time. Use Lightroom preset to help your photos make beautiful, awesome and gorgeous.

Below are the steps on how to install Lightroom vintage presets:

Some vintage presets are available as a downloaded zip file. First you need to do is to download the file onto your desktop.

Now, to install this vintage preset, open Lightroom -> navigate to “Develop Module” -> click “edit” -> click on the preset tab – at the top -> show Lightroom presets folder. Open the Lightroom folder and also open the develop presets folder.  Now, you need to close and re-open for the presets to show up. You can find the presets in the left panel under the “develop module”

After installing you Lightroom vintage preset

Lightroom presets can make your images awesome in just a click. Once your images are too dark or too bright after using vintage presets, you just simply adjust the exposure slider. You can make color adjustments in “Split Toning Panel” – within the develop module by moving the hue and saturation sliders. You can feel free to personalize and experiment the vintage preset so that you express your unique personality and creativity.

Download more awesome Lightroom presets or best photoshop actions for free. Discover the power of Lightroom presets and enhance your photos in just one click.


Comparison: Photoshop vs. Adobe Lightroom

lightroom vs. photoshop

Adobe Photoshop was considered the king of image editing for more than two decades from its inception in the 1990s. It was the first choice among the professional as well as the amateur photographer all this time. The word became a household name that even a kid is familiar with the word “Photoshop” according to The software has its own advantages as well as disadvantages. In 2007, Adobe, the same company that designed Photoshop, came out with another image editing software named Adobe Lightroom. Lightroom has been creating quite a buzz on the market since its release in 2007. This article highlights some of the most important advantages and disadvantages of Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom.

Photoshop – Pros And Cons

Photoshop is one of the most advanced image editors on the market currently. It allows for editing a wide variety of image types other than photos. The software permits pixel level editing, which means you are able to go down to the small dots in the image when editing it. This gives the editor full control in editing the image. The software excels at retouching. You can remove various blemishes, get rid of stray hair or reduce bags under the eyes of a person using the software. Speedy, powerful retouching is permissible through Photoshop. The software works on a principle of layers. You can create layers with different adjustment and control levels using the software. Composting is another important feature in Photoshop. If you run into a blinker in a group photo, you can copy a pair of eyes from another person and paste onto the blinker. This is possible because Photoshop is a pixel based editor.

Photoshop can blend multiple images together in order to produce a single image. This ability is known as high dynamic range (HDR). This is an increasingly popular technique used in the software. The software can also stitch together multiple images in order to create a large panorama. This is a great feature for landscapes. Content Aware Fill is another important feature of Photoshop. This feature can be used to remove large distracting objects from a photograph. You may also stretch the image artificially using this feature.

Some of the disadvantages of the software includes the steep learning curve, not being workflow centric and the high price. The software currently costs around $700. Photoshop cannot process RAW images right from the camera. These are the cons of Photoshop.

Adobe Lightroom

Lightroom is easy to use and comes without a steep learning curve. The ability to process RAW images is one of the major advantages of Lightroom. The software is workflow centric compared to Photoshop. The software is able to cover every step in the production process. You are able to import an image directly from the camera, sort them out, edit the images and share the finished product on the web. The software costs around $300, which is quite affordable compared to Photoshop. Here’s a video on how to install lightroom for beginners:

Some cons of the software includes the ability to only process photos, and not other type of images. Cannot edit the image at pixel levels, and poor retouching abilities are some of the major disadvantages of Adobe Lightroom.

You can download Photoshop Actions and Lightroom Presets on