Cool Presets for Your Lightroom 5

Lightroom has been with us for quite some time now. It has become a joy to photo enthusiasts to be able to have its presets and brushes on their PCs. This app is making photo enhancing the easiest part of photography. And you can download it free or buy its huge collection of presets.

LR6Take, for instance, this barrage of free presets for Lightroom 5. These presets cover the whole nine yard of enhancement as far as pictures go.

If you find this black and white thing a joy to look at when it comes to pictures, then it “Black and White Workflow” will lay down all its foundation for you to have that neutral effect on your photo.

If you are into movies, then there’s a preset perfect for you. It’s “Fine Art Film” preset allows you to experiment the texture of your photo image resembling like that of film photography, adding character to your photo image.

You can also create a painting feel for your photos with its pastel collection. You can experiment a number of brushes too for you to deal with the details of your photo to make it more like a real painting.

Presets for Lightroom are similar to Photoshop actions, however, Lightroom presets are more simple and easy to use than actions. You can check more presets for Lightroom in Pinterest.

All of these presets for your Lightroom 5. Download the said app and experience for yourself, the wonder of having these presets for your photos. Lightroom, in fact, is the secret behind every cool and clear picture you see online. And you can have that kind of picture, too.