Installing Lightroom Vintage Presets

aug7Just imagine the perfect, dusty, sweetly tinted and old aged Lightroom presets, turn your images into soft, and romantic works of art. Swiftly find the lightroom presets vintage feel you need to transform your pictures.  Perfect Black and Whites and even a grain preset to give your images a “filmy” look.  With lightroom presets vintage, you can easily give your photos a vintage look.

Combine today’s photography techniques with the looks from the past. Take your images on a journey back in time. Use Lightroom preset to help your photos make beautiful, awesome and gorgeous.

Below are the steps on how to install Lightroom vintage presets:

Some vintage presets are available as a downloaded zip file. First you need to do is to download the file onto your desktop.

Now, to install this vintage preset, open Lightroom -> navigate to “Develop Module” -> click “edit” -> click on the preset tab – at the top -> show Lightroom presets folder. Open the Lightroom folder and also open the develop presets folder.  Now, you need to close and re-open for the presets to show up. You can find the presets in the left panel under the “develop module”

After installing you Lightroom vintage preset

Lightroom presets can make your images awesome in just a click. Once your images are too dark or too bright after using vintage presets, you just simply adjust the exposure slider. You can make color adjustments in “Split Toning Panel” – within the develop module by moving the hue and saturation sliders. You can feel free to personalize and experiment the vintage preset so that you express your unique personality and creativity.

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