Lightroom 6 New Features

A few months ago, users were very happy and thrilled because at last, the latest release of Lightroom is finally out. They were really excited about the new features and services offered by Adobe Lightroom 6. In this article, we will be talking about some of the newest features added to the program.

Face Recognition

Photographers have been urging the company to include facial recognition in their next upgrade. Fortunately, there request has been granted. The feature is included in Lightroom 6. The program can now easily detect faces in the images which allows photographers to tag people easily.

LR45Improved Radial, Gradient and Brush Tools

Another great addition to Lightroom 6 are its newly improved brush tools and filters. Photographers can now freely adjust the size of the brush. Modifying images will never be as hard as the previous versions of Lightroom. All they have to do is to fit the brush on their images.

Radial and graduated tools in Lightroom 6 have more advanced colored overlays. Photographers can automatically notice the changes they apply to the image which makes it easier for them to remove or add more effect.

Users have been waiting for this version for so long. They wanted to use something new to help them speed up their editing process. There’s no doubt that users will continue to patronize this version as it contains a lot of exciting features and services.

Creating Panorama Effect in Lightroom 6

Panorama images are very lovely. That’s the reason why Adobe decided to include this feature in the latest version of Lightroom to help its users to create more wonderful Panorama images. Lightroom 6 presets can also be used while creating panoramas.

Overall, these  three features are just some of the greatest additions to Lightroom 6. Read more helpful articles if you to know more about the latest version such as Lightroom 6 preset, Lightroom web, and etc.,