Lightroom Brushes Tips


  • Lightroom introduction
  • Tips for using Lightroom brushes
  • Why use presets and brushes

Lightroom is considered by both beginner and professional photographers as the most useful program for doing photo post processing. This is because Lightroom offers a huge array of very useful tools and features that a photographer can use to enhance, improve or make a photo more lively. The problem is, not all photographers are taking advantage of it. Either they don’t know how to or have no idea of what Lightroom is capable of. In any case, here are a few tips you can follow in order to utilize lightroom preset brushes free of charge.


  • The shortcut key for getting to the brush tool is the letter K. When you are in any of the modules of Lightroom, pressing letter K will automatically open the dialog box for the brush tool.
  • The scroll wheel on your mouse can change the size of the brush and so does the left and right bracket keys of the keyboard.
  • You can set two presets in the brush tool. You can assign A and B presets with the hard and the soft type presets. Most professionals use this method.
  • The shortcut for the erase tool is holding down the Alt key for windows based computers and the Option key for Mac computers.
  • Auto-Max is your best friend. It keeps the brush from spilling into undesired areas of the photo. This is often used in retouching skies or faces.

So there you have it! These are just some of the many tips for using brushes. If you want other types of brushes for different needs, you can download lightroom preset brushes free of charge from These brushes and presets will make your editing process a whole lot smoother and easier. So go find one now and take advantage of the power of Adobe Lightroom.