Top Benefits of Adobe Lightroom

LR42Lightroom by adobe system is considered to be one of the most famous and easy-to-use photo editing tool in the market today. It has the ability to create and modify wonderful images efficiently. In addition, it can provide suitable guidance to both novice and professional photographers. Lightroom has the capacity to edit thousands of images in just a few clicks. Anyone can use the program, whether you are skilled or not about styling and designing, lightroom is for you.

In this article, we will talk about some of the best benefits of using lightroom.

User friendly photo editing program

Lightroom is compatible in all smartphones, gadgets and other mobile devices.  Clearly, lightroom runs perfectly well on both laptops and desktop. But unlike adobe photoshop, lightroom can be used well in laptops. Moreover, lightroom contains a lot of features that can beautify images.

Outstanding Photo Organization

Adobe lightroom allows you to copy original images while in the process of importing. With lightroom, you don’t have to worry about losing or misplacing your images since the program will help you organize all of the stored images. With lightroom, you can create a folder or collection to store images.

Ability to convert JPEG and RAW files

Unlike other photo editing program, lightroom can work well with RAW and JPEG files. They have proved that their conversion management is improving. Though their method in processing RAW files is similar with camera RAW, lightroom converts faster. When converting files in lightroom, images are automatically saved in another external catalog files. Moreover, if you want to redo changes, you just have to click the undo button.

Ability to work comfortably

Ideally, lightroom was created to help professional photographers with their workload. But, after some time, even novices can use the program as it is more convenient than photoshop. One of the nicest things about lightroom is that you can differentiate changes with the use of their preview style in which you can see both raw and edited images side by side. This feature will help you decide what styles to add and remove. Moreover, this program allows you to copy and paste files easily without compromising other options.

Slideshow Options

Slideshow display is very common to other program. But with lightroom, you can customize the presentation of the display depending on your style. You can encode texts, watermarks, music, and other significant data in the show.

Flexibility of Lightroom Presets

A lot of advantageous adjustments can be done in lightroom especially in creating presets. It can be used and applied to thousands of images in just a few clicks. Moreover, created presets are modifiable and reusable when needed. In addition to the wonderful features of presets, you can also make a pre-designed layout for future projects.

All the things we discussed above are just some of the many benefits of lightroom. There were still a lot of things that were not mentioned such as exporting, importing, using of new tools, and other more exciting options. Lightroom is cheaper on selected areas, so if you want to know more about it, check out LR Brasils guide on free presets.